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Anfang Mai bewies Anne Will in einer Sendung mit dem Titel “Nicht ausbildungsfähig! Ist unsere Jugend zu doof?“, in der unter anderem Gülcan Kamps zu Gast war, dass Schwächen in der Schulbildung und Unterhaltung recht vereinbar scheinen.

So ist auch dieser witzige Schreibfehler ein super Beispiel dafür, wie ein vom Azubi offenbar verschlafener Rechtschreib-Unterricht später zur allgemeinen Erheiterung beitragen kann.

Genießen Sie: Internationale meditärrane Küche! :-)

Wer sich für gestärkte Lachfalten bedanken möchte, kann dies bei unserer geschätzten Leserin Heike tun, welche die meditärrane Küche für uns entdeckt und fotografiert hat.



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  1. Ein echter Lacher zum Wochenende! :-) #Rechtschreibung #lustig (via @fehlerleser)…

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  65. Suggestions for a specific condition? brilliant. Like, say, somebody is body fat, but features a lot of acquaintances and otherwise socially nicely adjusted, the information to “get fit” can be very good simply because it likely that their standards and their looks don match as well as boost to looks will likely push them over the line from getting “friend” materials to “dateable”.
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  77. CurrentC won have entry on the iPhone six security elements that Apple Spend has entry to. Right here are many of the details Apple Spend can do that CurrentC won’t be able to consider advantage of or match.
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  78. Consider someone on the market, someone that may be at ease by using a little bit of stabbing, a slight touch of strangulation, a smidgen of bludgeoning, a peck of premeditated murder.
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  83. I understand men and women good reasons for not wanting to bike I have lengthy curly hair also, and if I wasn cautious when I did my bike commuting, on absolutely hot days I’d require to freshen up a bit soon after sweating also considerably on the way there. I just don wish to see men and women missing out on bike commuting if they interested due to a few of these good reasons, which when accounted for, have a tendency to not be a large deal and may perhaps not outweigh the pros they might see from biking, however it was difficult to see that on this thread due to all the solutions by bike commuters currently being down voted into oblivion.
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  88. Where do you dwell? In my country, that a crime, buddy. Show it, and she goes to jail.
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  89. It might seem to be unfair to her, and it flawlessly understandable given that she was there for a lot. But you will need to think about you. It tough retaining friendships with childhood mates given that folks adjust over the years. She seems extremely insecure and that you her safety blanket.
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  91. I’ll most certainly tweak my resume a little bit and make an attempt to submit it again right here, perhaps tomorrow :)
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  98. Fruit: Lemons, Limes, Orange, Grapefruit
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  99. Bring within the down votes, but I prefer to concur. I don wish to talk about it, but I had an exceptionally very similar go through expanding up as an beautiful male, I acquired the exact same actual issue, groped and termed at, and a lot of undesirable advances from girls both older and younger. On 1 event, I had a girl I barely knew slap me in the encounter where I worked at a Starbucks merely because I politely turned down her advances. I had stalkers and also the like. Ive even been within a handful of harmful situations where gay men considerably larger an way more potent than me have wished to take benefit of me against my will. I know what it wish to be imagined of as an object, for being within a space full of people today where anyone is referring to you like you on display for their amusement, or pleasure, or arousal.
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  100. A second camera cuts to a boiler space. The previous camera man from earlier segments sits during the dark together with the grey giant.
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  101. If sin/evil comes from freedom, then why is it at all times known as slavery?
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  102. Then the gamers can realize that even when the new person picks a very hard carry anyway that someone who is aware of how you can farm will also will need to choose a hero that scales into late game. They also won accidentally send the new player mid to feed the enemy group.
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  103. I think the exact same concerning the stuff above, everyday people like connections and the unexplainable, our world has misplaced many its magic and when everyday people stare in awe at this, it wont result in any harm, so let them possess the pleasurable. But you might never deal with to draw the connection to religion for the reason that insert religion is genuine and insert religious text could be the just one that best suited for the reason that insert passage from mentioned religious text
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  104. As aware beings we will reject, we will tweak the math, we will adjust the fundamental code but from the finish we’re just adjusting out equipment. Plus the equipment answer, and it a human answer from an inhuman voice.
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  106. It easy to come to feel like daily life is pointless should you have localized your definition of “life” to your very own discrete experiences. But attempt to contemplate your self like a a part of one thing better. Make some contributions to that. Be valuable. Create a big difference. Do one thing of which you may be proud.overview for hellohellohello7
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  108. Merely because nobody has attempted yet. There is prosthetic for horses. Adapting the technological innovation to camel shouldn be as well very hard. Even so nobody needs to try given that they imagine it a lost trigger and not well worth it.
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  109. I bookmark predictions on this SubReddit now and yet again. I can say there a pattern but, but there certain certainly are a lot of folks who boldly claim points that flip out to be dead wrong. Mostly, I just feel it humorous curious that folks cite a few broadly recognized information as if they weren factored into the cost of points.overview for hedgehogs
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  110. I’ve 1 buddy who browses pics of what he dubs “how crossfit girls” who are ripped and lean and also have thighs that might kill a man. my boyfriend (however he shouldn ever say it simply because its not good, but he entitled to his opinions on attractiveness) finds the super athletic body sort definitely unattractive. My ex was definitely into curvy girls and couldn stand the appear of designs or any one without having what he called “squish”.overview for hellokey
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  112. Goodman Wilson agrees: Stamp collecting helps even very younger kids make categorizing and counting techniques, and geographic awareness. It could possibly serve as “a normal mastering chance,” she says.
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  113. There are a number of issues right here and you also smoking pot isn one of them. You too ready to change oneself for somebody who won change to suit your needs. She manipulating and emotionally blackmailing you by threatening self harm and you also falling for it for the reason that she identified as you “the one”.
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  114. Several buddies and I drove out to a desolate a part of town to view airplanes consider off at night from a modest airfield (fedex planes and ups planes). It was very typical to recognize the kinds of lights the planes had right up until we spotted a set of lights that hadnt “taken off” from the ground. It was a bit smaller compared to the planes, but very much reduced to the ground. The very best I could inform was it had been in triangular form, with 2 spot light style lights shining out the back of it and 1 red light in the middle facing the earth. It produced no noise, we watched it glide throughout the sky, behind our automobile right up until it disappeared in excess of the horizon.overview for HeroicDanger
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  115. Just appear in to the source repos . all leading commercial Linux distros .
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  116. A second camera cuts to a boiler area. The former camera man from earlier segments sits while in the dark with the grey giant.
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  118. Pleasurable query: why do you call on your own a feminist as opposed to an egalitarian?
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  119. Also, quite confident Pallys were a number of the strongest healers in early Cata. Resto druid (my key) was straight up brutal and didn catch up till 1st 2nd raid tier as a result of effectiveness of direct heals in excess of hots in the encounters.overview for hashtagging
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  121. Turkish pianist Fazl Say sentenced to 10 months in prison for blasphemy in retrial
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  122. leap to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASESorry to get back so late but to answer one or two of the concerns, it does properly in lower light when you’ve got a very fast lens (numerous native options and adapted lenses) but don’t forget the sensor is micro 4/3 so it not gonna execute as well as some complete frame cameras (most are possibly a bit out of your price range) however it does hold it personal for the most aspect!
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  123. Did I say otherwise? Stage it out. I truly just want to see when I said men don get raped. You are so keen to level out I uneducated, maybe it you who lack interpretation skills. Do you truly think men suffer far more rape? Or that it is actually even equal? Answer me this, please. On leading of it, it is actually far beyond quantitative. It regarding the treatment raped females acquire, currently being blamed for that garments they wore, such as.
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  124. No, most of them are absolutely about a 2nd coming.
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  128. [ ]haiduz1 point2 points3 points4 hours ago (0 children)This evaluate accurately reflects my thoughts within the film.
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  130. Just put aside his things and shoot him a message saying you prefer to routine a time for him to pick it up since looking at it’s bumming you out. Then give him time for you to react. I discovered from an exceptionally latest knowledge that some guys just aren incredibly good/comfortable with expressing themselves. They could take an extended time for you to unearth the correct approach to react this doesn suggest they don care.
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  131. He truly stated effectively concerning the officers actions and threat assessment.
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  132. This is pretty quite possibly essentially the most practical comment I have ever received on reddit, and I not only saying that. I realize I can quit this, but you suitable, I have some sturdy external aid to just break the cycle. I pondering of moving in that has a roommate which will make my lengthy b/p sessions impossible. I frightened to try and do it simply because a part of me desires to preserve this insane ritual/disorder close to simply because it assists distract me from myself.
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  135. Her moms and dads had been generally gone on small business journeys so I dunno what was up with that.
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  136. But I guess my knowledge with a god awful trackpad functionality is invalid thinking about there are several models of several Computer suppliers that may have some type of multitouch capabilities. But not each and every model. So yeah, I guess I shouldn get angry following time my Windows side can even scroll a webpage smoothly.
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  138. “I had a group of substantial college college students in my French class roll their eyes at me when I asked when they had any curiosity in stamps,” South Carolina substantial college teacher Donna Boggs wrote to Rizzo just lately. “But then when I brought out the stamps, well, their attitudes modified rapid! They have been fascinated, and couldn’t halt hunting as a result of them.”
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